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originally released on limited edition vinyl picturediscs.


released December 2, 2006

written and recorded by kris keogh in his bedroom in sunny darwin, australia. everything by kris except 4 written by kris keogh and justin mullins.



all rights reserved


blastcorp Darwin, Australia

Blastcorp was Kris Keogh.
Glitched lovesongs and broken beats from 2000-2009.
Kris now releases music under his own name and is in the band Red Plum & Snow.

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Track Name: how was i to know you were everything
as she sleeps now wrapped up in my hope
all i see is everything envelope
gathered all the threads of sleep in my dreams
you can see that we'll be all we believe

fallen further from afar to be sure
we don't murder all the calm that i thought
might just save us all the mess that i'll bring
how was i to know you were everything
Track Name: all i see is all ive saved
this was all i thought i knew
this was all i listened to

all isee is all i've saved and if it's true
i've decided exactly what i wanna do
i've decided that i wanna be with you

and now i'm forgetting
and now i'm letting it go

no more dreaming of things i wouldn't do
no more knowing just what i thought i knew
Track Name: a thousand miles away
twice removed, half asleep
it's like you gravity is weak

cause you're a thousand miles away
and so my orbit ricochets off in all directions
and i display my imperfections

blooming poppy red
i won't forget the things you said
in our times buried now
the landmines of our hearts
are slowly stepped on
what i love is so wrong today

cause you're a thousand miles away

swapped my common sense for exotic confusions
and checked my pockets for disillusion
and i've got it
wrapped so delicately
in our webs of deception
the cascades of intervention
have all dried up now we're out of range
though i still feel the same
and can't quite believe
that we weren't meant to be

cause you're a thousand miles away
Track Name: just what you said
another day just out of reach
and dreams call me back to sleep
though it all was make believe
it meant the world to me

and one last thing you have to know
promise me you'll never show
any of the signs
that make my life unwind
and fall apart right on the floor
cause i can't do this anymore
finally got it in my head
just what you said

but you can't satisfy yourself
when all you want is something else
but it seems you know
just where our lives should go
and so i guess that one things true
this isn't love like we once knew
finally got it in my head
just what you said
Track Name: and the birds are blue
and all i do and all i say
does nothing but get in the way
i'm sorry now every day
and all i can do is pray

amazed by you, you'll see
i wonder if you'll be
i'm sorry for my parade
and all i can do is pray
Track Name: the stars will never fall
and i feel fully blessed
and you could never guess
just how you make me me
and now i can see

the stars will never fall
just as long as you call
to me and say
i'll be with you today
Track Name: melt
and it's dark again and i know i'd escape
and what you're holding in is mine though i'll break
everything held dear
cause i'm everything i fear

and the haziness is clear now i'm awake
it's dawn and now somehow i'll make
everything held dear
into everything you hear

as i tiptoe around the edges of space
what i thought was right was wrong now and i'll say
everything i felt
made everything melt away
Track Name: no one might ever know
as the rain falls
we can't hear at all
safely tucked away
no longer on display

no one might ever know
the secrets that we've sowed
and i wonder how
this could be more perfect now
Track Name: the most beautiful noise
one more special day
before i go away
my lies down the phone

all i know was wrong
i can't believe i've gone

no glue could fix this mess
i knew but didnt care less
and now i realise
me head

had gone all wrong
i can't believe i've gone
Track Name: you know just how it feels
i'll be
you'll see
i'll go
you'll know

you know just how it feels
to constantly conceal
things that you can't deal with today

i'll go you'll know trust me
but secretly

you know that you can't hide
everything inside
and yet you try in vain

never felf so alone
never felt so disowned
cause i know you've never known or
had to explain

that everything's the same